Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Baby Boy Nursery Inspiration

Since Baby Boy is the second bambino, he is getting several items from Mary Tilman's Nursery. Mainly, the crib / bedding / dresser / chair. The chair needs a reupholstering job but other than that, everything is perfect for its new home.

Even though we are re-using a lot, his arrival still gives me lots of inspiration.

I am leaning towards wallpapering a focal point in the room and love this safari animal print. While I wasn't really going for an animal theme, I am kind of loving it.  I am also still debating on a buffalo check for the curtains but overall slightly giddy over this room board of gold, grey, white and blue. Now if only I had an abundant amount of time. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Ikea Hack | Rast Chest

I love a good DIY and it is even better when you like the final project (there have been many craft fails in my time).

I can't take full credit for this hack due to to Hubs doing everything but I did find the inspiration picture :) This sweet little chest is in Mary Tilman's new big girl room. We moved her dresser to the nursery so I needed some drawers and for under $75, this turned out pretty cute.

Materials Needed:
Instructions include: build, paint, attach hardware and you are done! Easy peasy and super cute.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I rarely look in the past. Yes I reflect but I am always looking forward.

What will I eat for lunch? What will our next vacation be? What will our next big "life thing" be? What is to come? 

I am always looking into the future and thinking. Thinking about the what-ifs and not the right nows.

As simple as it is, my new mantra is to live in the moment. Live in the now and embrace the present.

I want to remember the hilarious one-liners my toddler is saying. I want to be able to play without worrying about the next household chore. I want to go on a date night with my husband without thinking of the next item on my to-do list.  I want to appreciate vacations, not thinking about where next.

While it sounds simple I think with social media and life today, this is a hard accomplishment that few conquer. It will take sacrifices and less me-time but I will be richer in memories. If you take all of life's luxuries away, aren't you only left with the memories you made?

My other 2016 goals are also carryovers to this year. Scratch that, not goals but a new way of living in the moment.

Sunday, December 25, 2016