Wednesday, May 25, 2016


When you are little, you are taught to share and how to play nice with others.

When you are in your teens, you are told to be "popular" you had to be surrounded by a mass quantity of friends in order to be cool.

In college, you get to pick and choose your friends, the ones that are similar to you yet different in so many ways. 

As an adult, you come to realize those good friends--the ones that cry, laugh and celebrate with you--are the keepers. They are the ones that will watch your kids get married. They are the ones you grow old with and navigate this messy thing called life.

As this blog has morphed into a diary, a-la coming of age, story, it has also come a place where I can reflect. Having a baby changes things, moving to another time zone changes things, life changes things but those truly great people in your life don't change. Some of my best and cherished friendships are the ones where we never talk on the phone but when we see each other we pick up right where we left off. Those great people are the ones that support you through a simple text or a precious handwritten note. Those people have watched me grow but we have actually grown together. I am proud of my people and you all know who are you are. Cheers to my "keepers" and know you are loved!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Master{ing} the Bath

Our master bath is complete! Can I get a hallelujah?

Here are the horrendous before shots taken during our inspection day. I would like to mention we painted before move-in and installed new carpet. There were some funky stains that made me question a few things.
The bathroom tile was in great shape, it was just dull. Saying that we spent four years with it so I would say it worked just fine.
Now to the pretty pics...This beast of an undertaking was not the most fun project, due to a not-so-great crew. I won't dwell on it but our contractor, who we have used for three other house projects, was a complete disappointment. The project was delayed every step of the way and done quite hap-haphazardly.

But I am happy to reveal a finished and vast improvement to the before photos.

We went with white cabinets to keep it consistent throughout the house but the new taller height is wonderful. The countertop is quartz although it was not our first choice (another story for another day) I am quite pleased with it. 

Regretting my poor photo quality, the floors are a long marble which really make the room seem a lot bigger. We also put in a pocket door which helps with the illusion of more space.
We kept the original tub because honestly they don't make them like they used to but redid everything else. New marble subway tile, new toilet, everything. 

Doesn't it feel good to get a job complete!

Friday, May 20, 2016

House creepin'

It is no secret I love peeking in houses. It is slightly creepy but I love looking at the home decor and design. Luckily, Atlanta is a mecca of gorgeous homes.

Here is a beauty that just went on the market. If you have $6.85 million lying around, you are in luck. If not, you can creep like me.

This fireplace is A.M.AZING. The deer antlers...a little random.

This man study is gorgeous. When I have millions of dollars, I want a wo-man study with leather, paneling, the works.
I love the wall paneling in this boys room. Makes it feel homey in a Joanna Gaines sort of way.

This guest room is great. I love the barn doors and open shelf bath vanity.
I could be skinny in this house. This multi-use room opens to an indoor basketball court and home workout room that would compete against any LA Fitness. No wonder millionaires are skinny... they have lots of square feet to cover.

In addition to being skinny I could also be a PGA player. Loving this putting area.
I am a sucker for a good outdoor space and this one is on point. You would find me here, all day, every day.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Thursday is pretty close to Friday so it deserves a yay. Here is a brain dump for thoughts on the mind:

 This dress... I think I need want it for summer.

Mary Tilman loves sweets. A child after my own heart. This love affair was evident at the lake last weekend at roughly 5:50 am - time zone change is a downer. I tried to step out of Type A mode to let her cover her face in this chocolate doughnut. If only that was acceptable for adults.

I currently own some BaubleBar tassel earrings and they are super fun. I got all sassy on a Tuesday and rocked them to work last week. These are also kind of amazing!

Thinking of our upcoming beach trip, these Champagne Margaritas need to be made. Two types of liquor are the start of great decisions, right?

The past two out of three days I have gone on a run while rockstar husband puts our little love bug down. While it isn't pretty, those 30 minutes are great for me to unwind. Saying that, I love food.... there said it, it is out the universe. I would rather have chips and dip than size 0 hips any day.