Sunday, November 21, 2010

Awesome Atlanta Weekend

So this weekend had a lot of planned excursions! We finally got to enjoy a full weekend in Atlanta without wedding errands or Alabama football (definitely missed it though).

Our day started off at Highland Bakery and it was AMAZING.  We opted for lunch since we were late risers but the breakfast looked out of this world.  A neighboring table ordered the peanut butter french toast and I had thoughts of snatching it out of their hands. Aaron had the chicken salad sandwich and I choose the pimento cheese sandwich with a salad. My real reason for wanting to try Highland is their desserts...
 Aaron and our four mini cupcakes
 Peanut Butter Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet and Oreo
 We ate them on the trunk of my car because I pictured the entire icing topping smeared in my car
 Yummy red velvet. When we get back from Alabama I am gonna make the delicious red velvet recipes in the December issue of Southern Living! Yum!

Our next stop was the DeKalb Farmer's Market in Decatur.  There were tons of signs proclaiming no picture taking but image an Ikea with food. There was everything! A restaurant, any kind of cut of meat or seafood you dream, veggies I have never heard of, wines, beers and thousands of more edible goodies.  

So we ran a few more errands and then made our way for me to get a new phone! I love new phones but  geez it was a major pain at the AT&T store. It took two hours just for me to get my own plan and Aaron gets to do it in January.... Yay!

I am already in Christmas mode so we went to Atlantic Station to see the tree lighting. They advertised snow but they were only tiny machines that spit out something similar to bubbles.  It was packed and their were people of all kinds everywhere!!!
 Pre lights
 Post lights
 Closest thing to Rockefeller Center for me! One day I will go :)
 Of course we had to document this with a couple pic

Today, Sunday, we ran some more errands... got our massive mixer and food processor and stopped by the local nursery. We just had to document this massive tree. This baby would definitely not fit in our apartment but to some local mansion it will be the perfect holiday addition. 

Aaron had to get in front to show how really big this thing was and it had the price tag to prove it!

We had an amazing Atlanta weekend! Hopefully we will get to explore a little more in the next few weeks.


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