Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Good Day!

Today was a very good day here in the Williams household. We got to see all the pictures from our wedding. Now, we are patiently waiting the CD so we can share. They are amazing but we expected nothing less from Josh at KimBox Photography. He took my senior pictures in high school so I knew he did amazing work.

On the decor front....

We have curtains hung, new pillows and a clean house but we can't share all the pictures yet because it is a work in progress in some areas. We can share with you our newly redesigned living room and master bedroom. Please keep in mind that we are working with the same furniture we used in college.

 The sunflowers were a sweet surprise from my hubby!

 Our pillows are courtesy of Pottery Barn, my home away from home.

This is Winston's new bed. He usually sleeps in his crate but we are attempting to teach him to sleep on his new bed. Last night was a success after 30 minutes of lullabies and bedtime stories and we are crossing our fingers for success tonight :)

 We love our new bedding and bedroom. Now you have a reason to come visit and see for yourself

Until next time ....


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