Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Favorite Things!

In honor of Oprah's Annual Favorite Things show, I thought about a few of my favorite things. (And I am not giving away a car or cruise.... sorry)

Tyler Candles
These candles are amazing! I love candles and Tyler candles come in every scent and size imaginable. It is kind of hard to choose due to all the options. They come with a precious little leopard lid and the glass is not too gaudy or unattractive to set in a room.

Target Scarves
I love the Merona scarves from Target (usually in the purse and belt section). I currently have a cream and green one but am tempted to buy one in every color. They are super soft and all under $15. Great for gifts or for yourself.

Chanel Chance Perfume
I have worn this perfume for as long as I can remember. I wear the Chance scent because it is in my opinion for a younger set but timeless all the same. I can't imagine wearing anything different. Maybe when I age over the next lifetime I will upgrade to the more refined Chanel perfumes.

Tory Burch Flats
Yes I know these shoes are expensive and yes I know they are everywhere on sorority rows and upscale shopping malls but I am obsessed! My precious mother bought them for me last year and they are amazing. Some have complained that they are uncomfortable but mine aren't (maybe the problem is the feet not the shoe... just saying). I wear them at least three times a week with everything from t-shirts to leggings to a dress. A must have slurge for your closet!

Photographs are priceless but so timeless. I could look at photos all day. Maybe that is why I am a full on Facebook stalker sometimes. I love seeing what people are wearing, their facial  expressions, the occasion, everything. Photos are the perfect gift and you will see them everywhere in our house. Don't lie, you are a picture stalker too!

OPI Nail Polish
Now that I have a big girl job I can't do the black nail polish when winter hits, but hey, there is always the weekend. As we speak I am preparing for the holidays with a shade of grey. I love OPI nail polish because of the durability and variety of colors. My sweet mom just bought this jumbo pack from Sephora for a Christmas gift. Counting down the days until it becomes mine. I do have to mention that Essie comes in a close second.

Can you list all of your favorites?


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