Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Month!!!

Happy one month to all those October 9th newlyweds! I know of three weddings, other than ours, that happened exactly one month ago. My sweet hubby cooked me dinner tonight in celebration.

Not much on the Williams front except working, working, working.  But we do have pictures of our pumpkin products from Burt's Farm! Please understand that we didn't have much to work with and we are saving up for the Christmas extravaganza that is taking place in two weeks :) (I have already googled Christmas decorations)

 The pansies haven't really blossomed yet, or that is what I am telling myself.

 Like I said, I have learned to work with what I have but I am very pleased with the result.
 Our first big purchase: outdoor furniture

 Meet my stalker.... he followed me outside only to follow me back inside
To watch me type on the computer


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