Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Settling in

So there is not much going on with our family. I am not complaining about this because I have been dying for some down-time. Between the wedding, honeymoon, football and holidays we have been busy, busy, busy.

Only three weeks ago, we went to get pumpkins for our fall decor and now, we are already thinking about Christmas. Christmas cards are ordered, paper whites planted and tree shopping planned. I am not a Thanksgiving jumper, I just want to soak up all the Christmas goodness I can.

Atlanta has so much to offer for Christmas and we hope to partake in some:

  • Piedmont Park and Olympic Centennial Park have ice skating rinks which are perfect venues to showcase my 1st grade skating level... Yay! Yes, I am that creeper watching all the little kids while I hang on the wall hoping not to fall and bust it.
  • The Nutcracker at the Fox Theatre!!!! I may have to take in a show by my lonesome on a Sunday afternoon because Aaron was not too terribly thrilled on the prospect of a two hour ballet. I don't blame him but after doing ballet for ten years, it still holds a small piece of my heart. This year they have gone back to a full orchestra so it will be better than ever.
  • Reindog Parade at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. There is only one day a year that dogs are allowed in the Botanical Gardens. Yes it is super cold and not the prime flower season, but my dog is my child so I want him to be well rounded in all aspects of culture and the arts. He also thinks he is a human so this would be a major self esteem booster, which he seems to lack.
  • Fantasy of Lights at Callaway Gardens. So this is not in Atlanta but it is in Georgia and on the way back home to Alabama.  I LOVE Callaway Gardens! There is no light display that compares (maybe Rockefeller Plaza but I have never been at Christmas). All of the lights make it truly feel like the holiday season (and you don't even have to put them up or take them down for that matter).

So we really have no pictures at this point... There are tons of events coming up with Thanksgiving, weddings and holiday events so I will be sure to capture the moments. But here are some snapshots of the gift that keeps on giving :)


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