Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things I Want Right Now....

I know Christmas is just around the corner but there are just those things you want right now but can't seem to break down and buy....

Anthropologie Candle

I love the smell of Anthropologie, and it is because of all the good smelling candles. There isn't one candle in particular.... I want them all :) I love candles but have been lacking on buying any. The next time I am at Lenox for the weekly Anthro stop, maybe I will just buy one for myself.

Winston's Skateboard

The reason Winston isn't pictured with a skateboard is because he doesn't have one.  Sadly, we haven't had the time to go buy one, but we will. He is going to be famous (this is probably not true because he is too impatient, but I have hope for my child). We are going to schedule a weekend, buy a skateboard and take a major dose of determination and patience. Wish us luck.

Dolly Pearl
I came across this designer and fell in love. The dress, tops, everything are gorgeous. Yes it is  a little on the pricy side but it is the perfect dress for a wedding or cocktail party. This dress is definitely one of the items I will save up for  (again determination comes into play).

Anthropologie kitchen linen

If you can't tell, I love Anthropologie. They have everything and I could spend hours in the store.  The Lenox Anthro is HUGE! If you can't tell we also love our dog... so much that I love this adorable dish towel. This is not a dish towel you use, as weird as that sounds. This is one just for show because it is so darn cute. I may break down and buy this on the same trip to get the candle :)

Jennifer Zeuner Necklace

I love this necklace. I am not into a monogram explosion on your body, car, wardrobe, etc. but this necklace is understated enough that it doesn't slap you in the face saying "Hey look at my initials." This may be exaggerating but some people are a little over the top. The necklace may have to wait until holidays or birthdays, but that makes it more exciting.

Pottery Barn Tray

Getting married and living together means an adjustment on your personal space and habits.  I am dying for this elegant tray to place my jewelry and accessories. It is so classy and doesn't look cheap or cheesy. I think every girl should have this for an easy place to stow the jewels :)

Think about things you want right now and maybe go out and treat yourself. You probably deserve it.

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  1. Thank you for all the Christmas present ideas!! Keep me updated on what you buy for yourself and what's left for me to get! :) I LOVE the blog!!!!!!