Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend at Home

The main focus of this past weekend, for me, was rest and relaxation. That didn't happen but it was amazing just the same.  A LOT of errands to run with wedding registry items, grocery shopping, etc. and a chance to see our families after a busy month of being newlyweds.

Aaron went to the Alabama-Mississippi State game while I opted to stay at my parents' house to get some major organizing accomplished.

If you haven't been blessed to see Winston's Alabama jersey then you are missing out. The more he eats, the more it becomes a belly shirt. He LOVES his jersey and does not like taking it off. Well my parents' dog, Aubie, felt a little left out so he had to get dressed up too!

 House divided
Aubie thinks Winston is annoying but they love playing with each other. 

On our ride home today, the car was packed. We brought home more wedding gifts, christmas china and other new home purchases. Sad story was, this eliminated some of Winston's sleeping space. When we were pulling out of the neighborhood, he was crushed with a box of red wine glasses. The glasses were fine, Winston not so much. He was so nervous he proceeded to sleep on top of the center console most of the three hour ride.

 Back legs standing, front legs sprawled out
He just had to be the center of attention.

Now off to a week of work, shopping, holiday planning and Atlanta excursions. The time zone change is getting to the Williams fam. Off to bed early tonight.


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