Thursday, December 2, 2010

Deck The Halls

Yesterday Aaron and I got our long awaited Christmas tree. We actually decorated it last night (we were that excited). Winston was very traumatized at what this big green thing was doing in his house. I love the holidays and am so excited to celebrate my first one as Mrs. Williams.

Tonight Aaron and I went shopping for a six year old little girl. We adopt families at work every holiday season and this little one wanted Barbies and educational workbooks (I think this was her mom's doing). We also got something for her mom to help make her Christmas a little cheerier! 
 Gorgeous tulips for a very SIMPLE table arrangement. Our table isn't very big so we had to simplify.
 Our manager scene... hopefully I will get more items to add next year
 Coffee table (not much decor but I wanted some thorough documentation)
 Of course we had to picture Winston. The blanket is our barrier between his ultra fine hairs and our couch. Aaron has had this couch since he was a freshman in college, but it has to last us a while so we are very protective of it :)
 Love the smell of a fresh tree. We hope to collect ornaments on our various trips throughout the next lifetime or so...
 Our mantel.... I had to accommodate the speakers because they are basically taped down and there was no moving them. Our paper whites haven't bloomed yet, but any day now!
 Our stockings should be here soon to make it all complete

This weekend is filled with friends and Christmas festivities. The SEC Championship is in town and some of our amazing friends are making their way to the ATL. I am also freaking out a little bit about getting everything done so hopefully some present shopping can be accomplished.

What are your weekend plans?


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  1. It all looks great! I love the paper whites and can't wait to see them bloom!