Monday, December 27, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas has come and gone once again! 2010 was the year to spend with the holiday with my family. It was a holiday filled with lots of food, fun and laughter...what is better than that? We took Aaron's camera this weekend but I got one of my own, Yay for better pictures! Here are a select few from our holiday (I will spare you some of the very unflattering Christmas morning ones)

 I had to take a picture with all of our presents underneath the tree. So sad when they are all gone!
 He looked similar to a Sanata Sausage, but he loved it!
 Santa and his reindog
 We took a break to play in the yard
 Waking up Shay on Christmas morning... and he was NOT happy!
 This is how the dogs got their gifts on Christmas morning
 It was a jacket kind of Christmas
I am off this whole week, Yay, so this week will be busy with some major organization, shopping and preparing for the New Year. Hope your holiday was just as spectacular.


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