Monday, January 10, 2011

Play Nice

This weekend has been a lazy one due to a procedure I had done on Friday. I had a cyst removed and have been very lethargic all weekend. Our Sunday consisted of laying on the couch with a ice pack to reduce the swelling.

I was getting majorly stir crazy (and knew we would probably get snowed it the next day) so we took Winston to Piedmont Park. They just opened a huge dog park which gives him a chance to run around.

Winston has not had too much interaction with other dogs, but we learned a valuable lesson that day... he doesn't know how to play nice!

 He was very confused at the whole no leash concept
 He LOVES Frisbees
 I love Piedmont Park
 The sweet hubs let me borrow his cap to cover up my swollen head :(
 Passed out
Winston being a true bully


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