Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today was my dad's birthday and the fam came to celebrate! It was an amazing, fun weekend with family. We got a chance to laugh, experience the tourist-y side of Atlanta and just spend time together (as opposed to the phone).

Again, I wasn't the best on pictures but I took a little more this weekend.

First off, we went to the Georgia Aquarium with it seems like all of Atlanta.  Major kid overload!!!

 I took a picture of these because the top one is what Winston would look like as a fish... the crazy thing is that Aaron walked up and said the same thing
 The penguins were new to us (we went to the aquarium about two years ago) and they were really cool... Honestly the only birds I care for.
 The Beluga whales were awesome... but to be honest we witnessed a very awkward event, mating. Well actually it was only awkward for the parents that had to explain what was going on and amusing for us watching them stumble their words!
 Scary shark
 Up-close scary shark
 Massive fish
 About to be feeding time!
 Absolutely awesome... wish I was someplace tropical right now

Next we walked over to World of Coke...
 Very contemporary decor
 Made ourselves nauseous on all the Coke (and some were absolutely disgusting)
 The parentals
Walking back (what seemed like two miles in wedges) from dinner at The Vortex, very artsy but awesome burgers. A MUST in Atlanta!
 Happy Birthday Dad!!!!
Lots of fire :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I hope you had an amazing day!


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