Monday, February 28, 2011

What A Girl Wants: Home Edition

So as you know... we are in an apt., pining for a house in the near future. Well that being said I don't have an abundance of space nor do I want to buy anything right now, not knowing the space of our future casa.

But a girl can still look....

I love this Atlanta artist I stumbled upon... stunning work!
I am loving the shape of this chair from Z Gallerie. The cream may not be the cleanliest of colors though.
These knobs are awesome!!! Now I just need to find me a piece of furniture to fix up and I have an awesome weekend project :)
The bowls are so fun and I want them for my table setting. They don't exactly match my dinnerware but these are super cute!
Maybe when I get a bookcase, I can get some books. These are classic novels without the tacky cover.
If you can't tell Pottery Barn is my fav and it needs to give me this coffee table. I want need a new one considering I can't even move our current table. You know you have progressed when a coffee table is at the top of your wish list.
While PB is in a giving mood, they can throw in this rug
We didn't get this cake stand to match our everyday dinnerware and it would come in handy for our little four-legged child's birthday. Yes, human and dog cakes are being made; don't judge.
Love this tufted ottoman... Maybe this would deter feet on the coffee table.
These are awesome chairs, too. Loving the stud details.

Whea that was a lot. Now we just need a house to hold it all :)


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