Friday, March 4, 2011

Half a Decade

So the hubs informed me that the only anniversary that matters now is our wedding anniversary. Sorry,  I am a girl, we remember these things. Not gonna lie, I will always remember our dating anniversary, that first 6 month anniversary, the day Aaron proposed and now the "official" anniversary. We were never big gifters on anniversaries but I am always up for a nice dinner :)

Well today is our five year dating "anniversary." This will probably be last one of these we celebrate but hey it is a lot if you equate it to half a decade or a kindergartner's age.

Here is a stroll down memory lane (or a stroll through the only pics I have on my computer):

Sorry there were tons of other ones that I don't have with me, but in case you are wondering, the hubs did take me to my favorite, Buckhead Diner.


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