Monday, March 14, 2011

Winston's 1st Birthday

So little plump Winston decided to make his first birthday a one to remember for our family.

After making himself sick four times the day before he proceeds to leave us a rather large ball of towel threads in the corner of this crate.... meaning like he ate his towel and that caused a blockage in his stomach.  We called our vet back home, called a vet here and almost dropped $150 on x-rays until he proceeded to growl at us for food (like he really could do without one meal).

Well he turned out to be fine once he got rid of that rather large ball of strings. He played with all his new toys and actually looked like a real kid with the expression of:

"That is all I am getting for my birthday? There isn't anymore?"

Anyways for the sake of his sensitive stomach I prolonged the doggie cake a few days.

- I apologize for looking/sounding like a uber-freak in this video :) -


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