Sunday, April 17, 2011


This weekend we went back "home" to Tuscaloosa and we had an amazing time catching up with friends. I always used to say I couldn't wait to get out of T-town but I LOVE going back to all the fun and excitement.  Thanks Reid and Laura for letting our fam jam stay with yours :)

If you were anywhere in the Southeast these past few days, then you experienced this line of storms. This was one of those eerie moments when the sun was shining.

Reunited twice in one month.... a new record

The tall tee made it out.

I caught the most precious candid moment. Love you two :)

Me and the hubby

Pretty decent turnout 

Ready for fall football fun 

 Williams Family pic

Brinson joined us too 

Saban statue

I just had to capture this moment of Aaron being so mad while waiting in a horrible line just for Mexican food. Pretty hilarious to watch.

Well, I will be MIA this week because in about 12 hours I will be in New York City. I am so stinking excited.

I will leave you with the lullaby Aaron has been singing me all week...


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