Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prayers for Tuscaloosa

I write with a heavy heart today. My dear college town has been devestated by a massive tornado. Aaron and I sat in awe as we watched the live coverage, twitter posts and uploaded pictures from our computers in Atlanta. Luckily, The Weather Channel kept us posted every step of the way.

We got in touch with all of our friends, but the devestation is truly unbelievable. The pictures are heartbreaking of homes completely destroyed and the personal accounts of this horrible tragedy get worse and worse.

Just two weeks ago, I almost cried coming back to a city I hold so dear. Tears of joy returning to a town where I spent four amazing years with some of my best friends and Aaron. Tuscaloosa is one of those places that holds so many memories and I can't wait for the day I can share those with my own children. I remember eating at some of the demolished restaurants, wasting time at University Mall and the countless hours spent sitting in five o'clock traffic on Game Day Fridays on those wiped-out roads.

We will remember the lives lost and the rebuilding that Tuscaloosa will now endure. You are in our prayers.


For pictures, visit The Tuscaloosa News.

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