Thursday, April 7, 2011

Warning: Blood

If you get quesy, don't scroll down... just look away.

Currently, I have a massive bruise on my thigh, scab on my right knee from my office desk, scratch on my leg from a stick and now a pretty banged up leg. My middle name is C-L-U-M-S-Y.

I have some issues to say the least.

We try to walk our rather large child every day, 1) because he loves it 2) because I need the exercise 3) he would be 400 lbs if we didn't.

So I was walking along (with Aaron too) and completely fell of the road, mind you it is a nice drop considering Fulton County never tears up a road, they just pave over it.

I attempted to catch myself with my hands, caught my body with my shin and the tears started falling. Winston looked at me like an idiot and Aaron was stunned that I just busted it on a leisurely stroll. AND... to top it all off a lady witnessed this whole occurence and got out of her car to see if I was okay.

THEN, I couldn't walk, was in tears, and Winston was pissed because he wanted to continue his walk. Aaron sprinted back to get his truck while the child and I sat on a curb like a loser. Imagine driving by and seeing a women with a bloody knee, crying on the side of the road with running mascara, while her bulldog circles a telephone pole. Psycho ward on speed-dial.

Needless to say I laid on the couch in some serious pain while pondering taking up yoga just to increase my stability.

-Excuse the camera phone quality-

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