Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Sweet Tuscaloosa

This past weekend, Aaron and I found time to take some supplies to Tuscaloosa. If you already didn't know, Aaron and I went to college in Tuscaloosa and wanted to pitch in since the devastating tornadoes. All the supplies were supplied by Aaron's co-workers.

Aaron's new car got to haul some very important supplies like TONS of water, toiletries, diapers, canned food, etc.

Here are a few pictures we took during our quick visit. I wish I had more to share but after driving down the short stretch of 15th Street, we both felt so sick to our stomachs that we didn't want to go any further into the destruction.

This previously was a metal tower, now this looks like a corkscrew

What is left of Emergi-care

This image really captures the true American spirit... still standing after tragedy.


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