Thursday, June 9, 2011

Grown up

You know you are grown up when you want very "wifey" things.  Here are of my favorite grown up things :)

Dressing Emulsifier

I spotted this at the outlets a few weeks ago but Aaron finally caved in and let me get it (due to the fact we had a gift card). My health kick started this week with some slight downfalls to peanut M&M's and diet cokes. This thing is awesome and will help make my salads better with healthy vinaigrettes. Can't wait to use.

Lemon Windex

I love the smell of a freshly cleaned house because that means my hard work paid off.  No dust, soap scum, Winston hairs, nada. I love this Lemon Windex because it smells awesome and a little less abrasive to the nostrils.

Berry Bowl

I got this bad boy for my birthday and I love it. It is just so dang pretty and makes my fruit seem more enjoyable to eat.

Linen Spray

I am not referring to illegal herbs; I am talking parsley, mint, basil, etc. I spent maybe $15 on all of mine and they have paid for themselves five times over. Best investment to date.

Personal Planner 

Not gonna lie, I haven't opened this thing in a few weeks but it makes me feel less stressed just looking at it, thanks to the precious design from Dabney Lee. My weekends seem to fill up four months in advance so an empty month makes me happy. And I can remember all the zillions of birthdays this way.

I used to loathe these puppies... I still do but it seems to hide my "food baby" quite well. I feel similar to a sausage but hey they work. You lose five pounds visibly but sadly they return at the end of the day. Now they need to invent ones that eliminate the excess baggage with no sweat equity required and problem solved!!!!


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