Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hey, It's Ok....

If you have no idea or have never heard of the "Hey, It's Ok..." column in Glamour magazine, then you may think I am crazy.

This is the best part of each issue. Mainly because I am dying out laughing because I have thought the same thing before, while Aaron looks at me like that was the stupidest thing he has ever heard. There is a great example of the differences between men and women.

Here are a few of many favs (and sadly I can relate to all; hope you can too):

Hey it's ok....

... to shout, "I am not!" when he claims you're hormonal.
... to begin thinking about lunch at 9:35 A.M.
... to de-tag photos of yourself on Facebook that you look like crap in.
... to really enjoy crying at the movies. As in, sobbing.

... to put your hands in the air when Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ comes on despite not being single.
... to have to sing the alphabet a little bit in your head to know what order the letters go in
... to press 0 to speak to a live human every singly time
... to count housecleaning as a workout. Scrub and squat, sweep and sweat, dust and dance-done and done!
… to take everything off before stepping on the scale - underwear, jewelry, ponytail holder.


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