Monday, July 18, 2011

Spain Recap: Barcelona

These next few posts will be recaps from our Spanish adventure abroad. If you hate uber-long picture-induced posts then please disregard these :) I did however condense our 485 pictures into just a few. Enjoy!

Barcelona was our first stop. After an eventful day of travel to get there, I am glad we went to such a gorgeous city, located on the coast and with so many historic buildings.

The cathedral across from our hotel

The front of the cathedral

The marina of Barcelona. We also went to the beach which was filled with European sunbathing women, with some suggestive revealing parts.

They look just thrilled

The "face" of Barcelona, constructed for the 1992 Olympics

We found a Tipico !!!

Santa Maria Cathedral, the "poor person" church, I use that lightly because it was just as gorgeous as the others.

The view from the roof of The Cathedral of Barcelona

I apologize that I look preggers.... I had to put on a sweater to cover up my bare shoulders for entering the church which apparently added 20-some-odd lbs.

The man in white = bare arms and short skirts guard. He just pointed if you were not clothed enough to enter.

La Sagrada Familia

A massive church which is STILL being worked on.

The alter was quite interesting with a chandelier of Jesus, a new approach to eye-catching I guess.

The funky roof design

All the older citizens gather each Saturday afternoon for the traditional dance in the church square.

Representing Alabama for fourth meal in the local Burger King

Since Barcelona can't have bull fights anymore, they turned the arena into a mall ... probably the decision of a very smart woman.

Some museum on a hill (I forgot the name)

Casa Mila

Guell Park

So happy to find a place to sit!


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