Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spain Recap: Madrid

Our third and final stop was Madrid. This city was full of hustle and bustle like any country's government seat. The historic buildings were beautiful.

The Cathedral outside the royal palace

The alter

Signs were everywhere announcing the Pope's visit in the next few months

The crypt: I was so looking forward to seeing a dead body they had advertised but no luck

Madrid's bull fighting arena

Egypt's gift to Spain dating back to 2000 B.C. Those Egyptians are some sweet gift-givers

The Williams girls

We spotted a Winston :)

The meringue cupcake that had no cake... all sugar

The Royal Palace

A pretty nice crib if you ask me

Museo del Prado

Marigolds on crack

The King's Garden. My garden is some dead ivy, mint and basil

Some funky trees

The pond inside the park, where we rented a boat for like seven minutes because it was so hot

The most random slide in the park

Flamenco dancing dinner

They were awesome


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