Monday, October 3, 2011

Start of Fall

This weekend was a great, relaxing Atlanta weekend, so beware: LOTS OF PICS AHEAD! We started it off at our favorite, Peachtree Road Farmers Market. I got some tomatoes... Winston got some much needed time in the real world. He attempted to body slam or harass small children and petite dogs.

Then Aaron and I headed up to Burt's Farm and it was another successful year.  It amazes me at all the pumpkins in one place and apparently word is getting out. It was packed with people from all over! We got all of our loot for $26... not too bad in my books.

 Awkward solo pic
Definitely an annual tradition

Since we were already in North Georgia, we headed to the Amicalola Falls State Park. It was a gorgeous waterfall but let me tell you, this chica is OUT OF SHAPE. So we walked down 425 stairs from the top of the falls to the bottom. That was fine.... but you had to return to the car sometime. I literally felt like I was going to pass out: vision blurry, legs shaking, heart in my throat. To make it worse there were 85-year-olds just trekking along while I had to take a rest. Great morale booster.

 A gorgeous fall day

 Before the descent... thankful for tennis shoes
 The falls
My calves are most definitely aching today from all those steps

So during our insanely long trek home (the navigation was possessed) we saw this funny looking black dog. We slow down and nope, not a dog, A BLACK BEAR! Mind you this was a baby but it was so random. He just sat in the road until an oncoming car approached. I have a feeling Winston would have not been happy with someone more feisty than him.

Click on the pic to see the cub running off the road on the right... Sorry the picture was in the heat of the moment.

To top the weekend off, Winston was blessed yesterday. Yes we took the kid to church and it was hysterical. He LOVED it! The blessing was quick but this kid needs just one outing to make his week complete.

 The older couple across the aisle stared at him the whole time
 Where's Winston?
 Family pic

Scoping out the competition
Aunt Mere came to spend time with her nephew

So to sum it up we had one amazing weekend. Hope yours was good too!


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  1. Omg. Namath needs this! Maybe it would cure the snakes in his head! I love Winston!