Friday, October 7, 2011

Traditional Chic

So during this sick and twisted house closing waiting game, all I can do is dream and pin and create mood boards. I know I am driving my mother and husband crazy with fabric, paint colors and sofas.

Anywho ... I have decided my style would be classified as traditional chic. I love the look of a classic wingback or a mahogny chest but with a pop of color in the lamps or an ikat valance. If you can't tell, this is consuming my every thought. I want to do this right the first time and not get sick of it after a couple months. I also want to upgrade from the college furniture we are currently sporting.

True story - One day last week, I pondered the best way to avoid traffic so I could go spend an hour at Home Goods before Aaron got back to the apartment. Such a rebel, I know!

And... I wouldn't be fair if I didn't give the update on the house. Yet, there is no update other than it looks 100% different outside. We got the seller to agree to some repairs and one was a complete repaint of the exterior. Awesome except when we drove by it was beige not blue and  THEY NEVER EVEN ASKED OUR OPINION!

Speaking of the foreclosure deal, we are waiting on a clear title before we can buy. Apparently everybody and their momma are doing the same thing with their foreclosure. End of story is we will probably be arrested for creeping in the new neighborhood every night like stalkers just to stare at our awaiting abode.

Back to that traditional chic business... I just need to settle in on some fabric, paint colors, carpet, sofa, etc.... It is a long road ahead people!

Here are some favs (you may have already seen some of these but they are my favs so you will see them again) :

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I love the grey tones of this dining area

Console table with ottoman below ... check!

Gallery Wall

The color/pattern coordination is amazing

These blues are killer!

Love the pop of patterns in the painting, rug, chairs, etc.
Source: via Julie on Pinterest


OBSESSED with this distressed trunk on legs

100% stealing for my house
Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

Ikat stencil in half bath?

I could so copy this painting. Give me some wine and a paintbrush

Traditional lines with a pop of contemporary
Source: None via Julie on Pinterest

That ottoman is unreal

Hopefully I will have some real rooms to show you. Headed to the beach for a mini vacay of R & R.


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