Thursday, October 6, 2011

TV Time

Do you have favorites shows on the tube, television, TV? Whatever you wanna call it, I have got some favorites, that is when I can take a breath and sit down to watch one.

Rachel Zoe Project
So Rachel may have the best job ever.... be around celebs, amazing designer couture and get paid for it. Sign me up! I am late to the Zoe bandwagon but I love this chick. She has the most amazing clothes and is the best looking pregnant woman I have ever seen. Can I look that good and not be the pregnant part? She and her husband are the cutest ever and I just love all her employees. The Rachel Zoe project is a new fav.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Another Bravo staple is the Real Housewives series. These ladies are loaded and backstabbing like I have never seen. Now they act like they have it bad but 20 karat rings and 40 room houses are not slumming it. These women have more money than the President! Anyhow it is another mind numbing show that just makes me laugh. The woman Leann Rimes left scorned is on this season and wow is she a winner! Money + Wine + Women = one interesting hour!

Jersey Shore
This show is classy with a K. They are paid to act a fool. It is not the type of show you watch with the in-laws, but Aaron and I love it. What is better than some Jerseys in Italy? Fist pumping, dirty dancing and intense fights make for a Emmy-worthy hour of TV.

The Office
I miss Steve Carrell, but the show must go on. And it does with something new and crazy happening all the time. Every episode cracks me up because it is really like a corporate office. I can see someone I have worked with in every character (but maybe not to the extremes that they portray). This is definitely a cleaner comedy to watch with the family unit.

As you can tell, none of these shows contain any ounce of real thinking. Hey who wants to do brain puzzles after working a whole day? Not I!!!


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