Monday, November 21, 2011


Many of the blogs I follow do special features. I have been spicing things up with the Wednesday features so here is a new one I will call Friendly Finds. It will be my charitable donation to y'all by giving you a precious little find I have come across. Enjoy!

I Suwannee is a blog full of colorful products and killer home decor. And this blog is actually associated with a store in Raleigh. 

Luckily for us non-Carolina citizens, they have online shopping. What did we do before the internet? 

Furbish is full of precious stuff, and I want like all of it and I mean like all!

Here are my favorites:
Frame to compliment my love of Ikat

I have a slight obsession with turquoise

Tortoise now for the home
Lovely spotted tray

Beads on a clutch... perfect accessory

B-E-A-utiful earrings

Love the fanciness of a greek key pattern (like in a rug)

More Ikat !!!!


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