Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In the mood...

for a party... duh! I really want to put together a stellar celebration for something. Pinterest is filling my mind with centerpieces, favors and specialty drinks. And with tons of cute themes.

My kids are going to have some jumping birthdays...just saying! So can someone please get married, have a baby, win a national championship or something. IF we have a house by the time Aaron's birthday rolls around we can have some festivities.

Wood plank as a table runner

Source: flickr.com via Julie on Pinterest

Streamers on the ceilings
Source: ontobaby.com via Julie on Pinterest

Mimosa Bar for a shower or brunch

OMG - flowers as a table runner

Dinner by the lights

Blue, white, pink for a preppy affair

Drinks in canoe, perfect for an outdoor event


Precious Burger Bar

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