Friday, December 30, 2011


Everyone has New Year Resolutions but hardly anyone ever keeps them... Well I came up with some manageable ones.

Hopefully we will be in our house very soon in the coming weeks. I am not holding my breath on these slow pokes but I have learned that patience really is a virtue. I feel like this house has been our biggest hurdle so far in our marriage and it has made us even stronger. And it has increased our dismay in the banking industry :(

Plan trip for Ireland 2013
It is no secret I want to go to Ireland. I am pushing for a 2013 Anniversary trip (Three years is longer than any Kim K or Britney Spears marriage). I have found some really expensive vacations but also located some more manageable ones. Crossing my fingers that my persuasive personality works on the hubs.

Take more weekend trips
I want to take more weekend trips to experience local towns. I loved our trip to Savannah so now I am aching to hit up Charleston and Beaufort, SC. Just the charm draws me in. This also leads into my next goal:

Spend more time with friends 
Being in another state makes it difficult to keep up with all my favorites. I want more weekends with them at their new residences (AL, FL, MS, DC). Some of these 2012 weddings help with this one too :)

Get and stay in shape
I want to run a 5K and maybe eventually the Peachtree Road Race. Now, I don't enjoy the same rigid  workout every day so I am trying to change it up. I think this goal is on everyone's list but I honestly want to make better choices for myself. I am not talking about a diet, because those fail. I am talking about a lifestyle change. Crossing my fingers because this is a biggie.

Join more organizations
I want to get more involved. I was in so many clubs throughout high school and college and I miss that. I miss the interaction with different people and the always something new aspect. I have been trying for months to take a volunteer orientation for the Make-A-Wish foundation but work has always come up. I have also been pondering becoming a "Big Sister" for a metro Atlanta child but this is a decision Aaron and I have to make together as it is such a big commitment. This goal is another biggie for me.

Enjoy life more 
As corny as this sounds, I just want to enjoy things more. Of course there are times that everyone feels down but I want to get out there more. Try new things, experience weird restaurants... fun things like that. I would love to take a cooking class or eat at the local Moroccan restaurant. Here's to loving the city we live in :)

Hope you have a great new year!


P.S. - Blog birthday shout-outs will be taking a back seat in the new year. I love you all, but the time commitment is just too much with everything going on.

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