Sunday, January 8, 2012

Random Ramblings

As you can't tell from my lack of posts, our life has been mad chaos this last week. My four day week needed to be like seven.

So here are some random thoughts that are filling the brain:

1. I have not started my New Year resolutions. My official start date is tomorrow so I am in the process of filling out my grocery list and prepping my schedule. Thank goodness I hadn't started since we had a date with Papa Johns last night.

2. Starting the resolutions means that Tony Horton comes back to our house. He is the crazy P90x guy and he likes to kick my butt. I promise not to fast forward you Tony.

3. Aaron got a Kinect for Christmas... That thing will kick your booty. I bought some of those dance games and they made me sore. Could be that I am out of shape or out of the loop on the hottest moves, but I ached for a few days

4. Why are all these celebs getting divorced or getting married? It is like a never ending cycle.  I let my Us Weekly subscription lapse but I may have to pick it back up. Yes I am one of those freaks that lives vicariously through celebrities. Congrats Beyonce and Jay Z! (like they are my bffs or something)
5.  We will be cheering on the Tide from our front row seat on the couch. I am pondering if some Louisiana style cooking will bring the atmosphere. Probably not but it is worth a shot. RTR!


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