Friday, January 13, 2012


I am alive! I know you were so worried :) 

I have been swamped preparing for 20 colleagues flying in next week, setting up an Awards banquet, getting three days worth of an agenda compiled and preparing for a business trip to Las Vegas in two weeks. Whew...

Updates on life:
- We are actually still trying to catch up on sleep from the National Championship game. Roll Tide!
We had the best seat ever... our couch :) It was very exciting to see our team come out with a victory. Especially after all that Tuscaloosa and the University have been through this year.

- I am a liar... I know I said it. I have not been working out hard core with Tony, the P90x nutcase. I did some Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports with the Hubs but I am just so dang exhausted after long days. I am going try harder in the coming weeks and that is the truth.

- I have lost one pound though :) All from eating better and drinking lots of water. Although I look like the biggest freak going to the restroom every 30 minutes

- I woke up yesterday to a screaming baby. Nope I didn't miraculously pop one out. It was downstairs. Yep, I heard those lungs through our floor. Get me out of this apartment asap.

- On that front, I refuse to call anyone associated with the selling bank. Why? Because I would probably be in some deep trouble for the things I want to say to them. Luckily my hubs is a little less blunt when he is fuming. I did, however, have my first emotional breakdown about the whole thing so I would say that five months was a good length to hold it all in.

- What is all this hype with Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby? Yes I love this power couple but do you really think they are going to give you a glimpse of their daughter when they kept their marriage secret for two years? Think on that...

- Olivia Palermo makes we want to barf... probably because she always looks perfect. But you know what, I bet if I was an heiress and loaded with nothing to do, I could be pretty awesome too. Ah the life.

Well I have taken enough seconds of your life. Back to reality.

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