Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All about the attitude

Some people say I still have a lot of living to do before I "grow up". Well hunny...I have done a lot of living and figured out a lot of things lately.

These past few years, I have finally realized that is all about the way you handle things. There are a lot of crappy situations out there (cough, cough: buying this **** house). And it is all about the way you have handled them. Did you grow from it? Did you learn from it? If not, you need to think about why.

Stuff happens that you will never be able to change. I finally learned that. It is something I hope my kids learn one day. You can't change what happens but you can be a better person because of it.

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  1. LOVE this. I'll re-read a couple of times until it sinks in.