Thursday, February 9, 2012

Question Mark

I know your life dream is to get to know me better.... oh stop flattering me.

The truth is that I got nothing for you guys so I am copying some other blogging peeps. Prepare to be inspired:

Guilty pleasure?
Right now I am on this chocolate/raspberry kick. I made some "lowfat" brownies and a raspberry sauce for the Super Bowl. It is a problem.

I can't travel without?

Headphones... I hate the cheap ones you buy from Delta and I can't stand to give them $2.

Recent splurge?

Our sofa

My go-to flower?

I wish my go-to was peonies but girl doesn't have the budget for that. Otherwise, I love fresh hydrangeas preferably out of the yard.

In bulk, I buy?
Mascara - Target sometimes sells a 2 for 1 pack so I stock up

Comfort food?

Mac and Cheese or Japanese (random but my favorite restaurant in college was a Japanese restaurant, Bento)

For breakfast?

Special K and coffee

For dinner?

Usually chicken of some sort

Love/hate relationship with?


Can't stop watching?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Real Housewives of Atlanta, etc.

Best online shopping find?
I looks for deals all the time. I am sucker for promo codes

I love wearing?

Pajamas - Comfort is key

Dream job?

Private Investigator or Boutique owner (again random)

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  1. Nice tag and replies =) I have always liked the idea of being a private investigator myself, lol, maybe too much tv ! You're invited to enter my Valentine's giveaway to win 120 $ gift certificate and tights on !
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