Monday, March 12, 2012

Doggie Day

Saturday was a day full of all things dog. Winston turned two so we celebrated with some excursions around town. After a very long week, a weekend at home was a nice change.

We started the day off at the local dog-friendly establishment, Nancy G's

They had their drinks and we had ours

Next up was our favorite place in Atlanta, Chastain Park

It wasn't packed so we let the kiddies roam free

Look at the little chunker now... Belly and all.

She is somewhat slower :)

And... we got a dog birthday cake from Wolfgang Bakery

Happy 2nd Birthday Winston!

Of course Mom and Dad had to celebrate as well

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  1. Julie, your furbabes are ADORABLE! Love that you celebrate their b-days with real cakes. We do that too for Odin. Happy weekend!