Friday, March 30, 2012

Famous faces

So I am an avid follower of anything about celebs. It is really weird but who cares.

I let my Us Weekly subscription pass so I have been majorly out of the loop. But... let's discuss some of the my highlights.

Image: Us Weekly
Maybe it is just me but Jessica Simpson looks like the could blow up any second. I kind of feel like she needs to either pop out triplets or a 75 pound baby. She gives preggers a new meaning.

Image: People
I am so excited for Reese Witherspoon (like we are BFFs). She looks so happy with baby number three. She could be the cutest person ever.

Image: Celebuzz
I think my girl crush may be on Blake Lively. How is it even fair that she is so gorgeous? And she is even dating Mr. Hottie Ryan Reynolds. Such a hard life for the rich and beautiful.

Image: EOnline!
I can't decide how I feel about Miley. Yay or Nay? Her BF is a cutie but she seems a little to crazy to only be 19. I hope we don't have another Lindsay on our hands.

Image: Google
Sandra Bullock is my fav. And look at this little ball of love, Louis. I love a woman that can come out on top.
Image: Marie Claire
Who is this beauty, you may ask? Well this little trendsetter is Coco Beckham. Yes the bully baby of David and Posh. I love the pink nails :)

While we are showing bullies, meet Jacques Jolie-Pitt. He may be the fifteenth child at this point.

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