Friday, March 23, 2012

Keep going.

You know those sort of weeks months where you just kind of want to give up. Those times where you ask yourself what is the point?

These past few weeks have been just that:

  • We continued to look at other houses but the market is at a lethal low point
  • My paternal grandfather passed away very unexpectedly
  • My running plan for the PRR has been completely thrown out the window along with my motivation
  • I have honestly never been so stressed in my entire life

I could so go on...

But you know I won't... I have an amazing husband, precious furbabies, an unbelievable support system in my family and friends, an amazing job... the list goes on and on. I realized that you just have to keep going. I am so incredibly lucky and selfishly forget that sometimes.

So appreciate all that you have because today is all you have for right now.

I pinky promise that I have some super fun, exciting, uplifting updates next week.

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