Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Moving Mayhem

The fur babies are super stressed. Winston is not a fan of the mountains of boxes and mounds of chaos. Winnie is crazy and wants to eat everything. Life is crazy!

We move on Friday so we are in limbo between both places. Major fail on our part was packing the first box on Monday night. Not so bright and you know it bugs this OCD planner.

Anyways, Mom brought some of my wedding gifts that have been in Alabama since we go married. It was seriously like looking at these items for the first time. We got more pewter than I ever imagined and I never knew I had a blender!

My most prized possession is my Margarita machine. My wonderful bridesmaids gave it to us and the bad boy has never been used! I feel a joyous Cinco de Mayo in my future!

Say a prayer as we have carpet installed, finish painting, kitchen cabinets re-hinged, sofa delivered and a massive Lowe's delivery headed our way and this is all tomorrow! May be a long night!
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

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  1. I was going to comment that I was worried about Namath when we move as well, what with the territorial peeing and all, but then I saw the margarita machine. MS loved it so much his work bought it for him and my life has never been the same. OK, thats an exxageration, but you will LOVE it. Great reward after all the packing and unpacking.