Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mrs. Manners

This is not a tangent post, but just one I feel needs to be said... Have some people forgotten their manners lately?

I am referring to thank you notes, but I could touch on a few manners as well :) Now I have some stellar friends in the thank you note department. You know who you are! They seriously have a note in the mail the next day...Way better than me!

Now I am not going to say I am always on top of these or the best writer, but I try to get one out in a two week period. I seriously wrote 150 thank you notes in a week after one of our big wedding shower weekends; Killer but at least I got it done. I know right now that I have three that need to go out this week and plan to do that during my lunch (if only I can find my cards in all of our boxes).

Let's refer to my favorite Mrs. Manners, Emily Post, and see what she has to say on this matter.

"The rule of thumb is that you should send a written note any time you receive a gift (even a ‘thank you’ gift) and the giver wasn’t there to thank in person."

(Now I don't necessarily agree with this but she is a lot more reputable on this subject matter; I think you should always send a note even if you verbally, electronically, etc. thanked the person)

Baby Shower: Send your notes before the baby is born or up to two months after.
Wedding: A thank you note should be written within three months of receiving the gift.
Parties: Emily says that as a guest you should write a thank you note as a sign of appreciation to the host. I had no idea!
Holidays: Write thank-you notes as soon as possible, preferably within two or three days.  Try to acknowledge holiday gifts before New Year’s Day.

In my opinion, a thank you note is a nice way of just letting someone know that you received your gift.

So enough on this tangent, some of you may or may not agree but to each its own.

(This is another post that has nothing to due with the chaos of my apartment/house and the complete disaster they are both in right now)

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