Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stars in the Spotlight

I wish I had more updates for you but we are in the midst of some late night painting and cleaning, only to begin at night after a nine hour workday. I know you are all jealous!

I would love to show pictures but I would rather save the reveal when we actually have furniture :) I think you would agree as well! And due to the fact that my camera cord seems to have gone missing.

However I will give you a little celeb update...
Yes I will admit, I kinda like the crazy Kardashians. They get paid way too much but hey they are laughing all the way to the bank. But, what the heck was Kim wearing to church on Easter Sunday? Not attractive... at all.
Beyonce and her megastar other half are on vacay in the Caribbean. Can I please look this cute after I have a baby? Or make that look this cute ever!
Let's be honest.... Amanda Bynes has fallen off the deep end since her What a Girl Wants days. Which by the way is a great movie, in my opinion. Girl got herself arrested last weekend, pink hair and all. Poor thing needs a little love or a long faraway vacay. I choose the latter.
Has the lovely Anne Hathaway gone all Britney on us? Anne is gearing up for the movie version of Les Miserables; but, this bride to be has gone a step to far, or at least more than I would ever go for a job. Shaved head = long engagement for this little lady.

And a sidenote - all these celebs frolicking on the beach should give me more motivation to work out, yet there is still that no extra time problem. Decisions, decisions...

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