Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The 70 LB Baby

I am just kidding... the Simpson babe was only 9 lb, 13 oz (which is actually rather large for a little one). Maxwell Drew Johnson was finally born, and this may be the longest pregnancy EVER! However, a BIG congrats to the new parents!

Oh no she didn't. Mariah.... you should know better than to wear a spandex jumpsuit. There is nothing flattering about this at all.

 I love Sandra and I love her precious baby, Louis, even more. He is the cutest little kid in Hollywood. And Sandy looks happier than ever.

To end this on a more depressing note, Anne has gone a step to far. Like the chop off your hair and not eat too far. Poor girl better start taking some vitamins if she wants flowing locks before her big day.

Picture Credits: Us Weekly, People

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