Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Life lately

- First off, congrats to my sweet friend Cameron and Joseph on the birth of their baby boy, Wells. I can't wait to see that precious face in person!-

Work has finally calmed down... we are slowly getting settled in the house... life is good.

After scouring Atlanta, we found a kiddie pool for the heat-hating bullies.

Winnie loves to dunk her entire head in to bob for grass. Again she is not normal

We also have several neighbors. This is a horrible pictures of the owls but he was not fond of a photo session

On another note, we are going sailing next week and I haven't even thought about packing... I work better with a well thought-out packing list.

And... after a lot of thought, I am not going to run in this year's Peachtree Road Race. I have been too busy and too stressed to train and that is not fair to me or the other runners. Signing up I had the best intentions, but buying a house got the best of me. Here's to next year!

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