Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Travel Bug

I have been bitten by the travel bug. (Which does anyone know where the origin of that phrase started?)

On a whim (and I would like to say too much cough syrup from my cold the other month)  I put in a bid on a vacay.... and won!

That conversation with the hubs was interesting.

But anywho, we are going to be in Vail for our second anniversary! Nope we can't ski yet but we can look at gorgeous scenery and have a little getaway. Sometimes you just need that. Also, neither of us have ever been to Vail so I wanted to go to a "new" place for the both of us.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

So, keeping with the travel theme, I want to share some travel faves:

Luxury Link
This beauty of a site is where I got our deal...three nights in a luxury hotel with daily breakfast, all for around $300 for 2 adults. That was a no-brainer! This site is full of gorgeous properties. I have already eyed our next getaway :) You can buy through bidding on the package or by buying on the spot and my buying process is seemless. I will go ahead and say it,  "You're Welcome" have found a new travel fave :)

Trip Advisor
The hubs and I looked at Trip Advisor when trying to decide on our honeymoon location. They have reviews about hotels, restaurants and travel locations. Be advised that they have some very vocal feedback by travelers from all walks of life. I have learned that some people will always complain, no matter what. Every venue will have both positive and negative reviews but remember venues always change hands so it could be completely different for your trip.

This site is a new found discovery. Oyster posts honest reviews and pictures of properties around the world. They send a photographer and take true pictures of the entire property. This means no more photo-shopped pictures from the mega-chain hotels. Want proof? Look at some of these fake photos by several properties.

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