Monday, October 1, 2012

Loving lately

I have a few favorites that I have been loving lately that I want to share:

I love a good planner and I think I have found the perfect one. I needed one that spanned 2012-2013 for all my upcoming work events. This one has the perfect tabs and broken-out days, so I can use it for both my personal and professional calendar. It is the perfect planner and a great addition to any upcoming Christmas list.

Every so often I peruse the Juniors section in search of a good find..and a find that has more than a seven inch skirt! Nordstrom did not disappoint in the shirt department. I bought three of these pretties because they fit perfectly. Love!

I have been obsessed with lavender for a while. What did we use at our wedding when we couldn't do sparklers, lavender? What kind of candle do I stockpile, lavender? And every soap dispenser contains some brand of lavender soap. I am eying this live plant just to have a little more in the house

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