Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's Up!

So I thought I would get back in the blogging swing of things after some work events... um no. House renos have been happening, my calendar is getting ugly busy and we have been enjoying some Atlanta-ness lately (this is the most consecutive weekends we have been in the same location since we have been married... yes that is 2.5 years).

In the meantime, we have been adding things right and left to the casa! I am so happy with the way things are turning out.
So the hubs asked me if all I do at lunch is shop. Not really but lately when I have a free hour, I use it to the fullest. That usually mean I make a quick stop at Home Goods.

Well thank goodness I did because I picked up these lamps the other day. I was literally about to order the same ones but I am glad I didn't. I got two for the price of one. I would say that was a successful lunch!

I made my first order on One Kings Lane and I am now in love. I snagged these X-benches for a killer price and they look perfect in our living room.

The hubs is apparently a blog reader as this gold spiny goodness appeared in my Valentines loot.

In preparation for some girlies to come my way in a few weeks, I have been stocking up on party supplies.... you know I am in love with a completely coordinated event :) Shop Sweet Lulu is my go-to supply store and Target has some great party products these days.

I am still salvaging a few blooms from my enormous bouquet. Soaking up every last bit of these beauties.

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  1. Very cute decor! Target, Ones Kings Lane, and Home Good have always been great places to shop! :)