Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Half Bath Reveal

As of today, we have had our house for a year! After 9 LONG months of dealing with a bank, I remember what an amazing relief 4.2.2012 was to us. This home has come a long way since then!

Earlier this year, we decided to renovate the half bath. This room was "fixed" by the bank in our negotiations and they did a poor job with the floor leveling and cheap linoleum.
Here was the bathroom when we went under contract. Yes that is half of the floor missing.

We went dark.... navy blue dark. I won the color battle and I love it. (We are looking into adding an overhead light to brighten the room a little). Of course when I took pictures I left out the tile but it is a white hexagonal pattern.

We installed a new vanity, sconce and mirror

Tried to shoot without capturing my pre-workout face.

Still need artwork and a rug but that will come with time.

Vanity - Home Decorators (we bought through Home Depot; which includes free shipping)
Faucet - Lowes
Bath Accessories - Target
Sconce - Ballard Designs
Mirror - gift
Tile - Lowe's

If you want a little refresher on our other improvements, view them here: 

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