Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

Sorry for the blog silence. With out-of-town travels, busy days and after-work meetings, we haven't had much downtime at all! (Just humor me and say you missed me :) )

Here are some random thoughts to get you through your Tuesday:

I am new to this trendy little app and I am horrible at it. I either forget to send it, leave off a caption or miss my incoming pictures all together. Holding the link is just too time consuming I guess. It seriously makes me feel super old and super lame.

I bit the bullet and signed up for a 5k in November. It takes place Thanksgiving morning so I will be sure to indulge in my fair share of food later that day. I needed the motivation to hit the pavement so hopefully this is just the thing. The fact I am going to the beach in two weeks was apparently not enough.

I am becoming one of those people. I keep instagramming pictures of my children. They happen to have four legs and smell sometimes but I still love to document their weirdness cuteness. I am trying to not but let's face it... I haven't had any other intsa-worthy inspirations lately.

In September, the hubs and I are headed to Ireland for a week. I am so excited for this trip. Logically I am already compiling a packing list. (That is totally normal... right?) I am pondering this purchase for the trip.

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