Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Music + Mud

As part of Aaron's birthday gift, I got him Music Midtown tickets. He has always said a bucket list concert was the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Well, to my luck they were added to the lineup in early June.

As it got closer to the concert, I was contemplating going. Let the boys (Aaron and our brothers) go and have a little guy time - this is what I was telling myself to make my bail-out sound better in my mind. I am truly not a high maintenance person but drunken teenagers and 8 hours of concerts started to sound a little unappealing.

This is what it looked like. After waiting for one and half hours to get in the gates (mind you we had pre-bought tickets), we walked into this. Also, visualize watching herds of people pushing down barricades and high-tailing it past security. It was like the Hunger Games with hippies. It was wet, it was muddy and it was packed.

I tried really hard to be a good sport and I will say that RHCP put on a great show. So all the fussing and pure dispair was worth it after seeing the Hubs so happy and enjoying himself.

(We had to take a foot selfie to show the gross-ness; sans John's foot)

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