Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guest Bedroom

I am on a roll with home decor updates... contain your excitement.

Coming from an apartment with one guestroom, we had to come up with something for the extra one. Already having silk curtains from our previous living room, I was determined to use them in the new house. Just my luck, it all came together.

1 - All of the bedding came from the trusty Pottery Barn. Those stellar lamps... a lunchtime Home Goods find.
2 - I originally wanted a gallery wall of pictures of friends but then thought that could end up super creepy.... That is a lot of eyes staring at guests while they sleep. So, we choose to frame pictures of trips we have taken since our wedding. Where did that precious painting of the fur babies come from? My talented Dad!
3 - I think all the colors came together nicely and luckily worked with furniture we already had. A win in my book!

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