Thursday, October 17, 2013

Haute Papier

I love a good party.... and even better, a stunning party! I am a true believer that it is all in the details.

Saying all that, I think it all starts with the paper. From the invitation to the follow-up thank you note, it sets the tone for the event.

Want a formal party? Throw in some embossing and Southern script. Want a fun event? Feature bright colors and modern fonts.

Haute Papier has some great products from beginning to end. I see some of their products in my future. The best part is they have a "Haute Box"- think Birch Box with paper. Amazing-ness!

Coasters / Notebooks / Stationery / Notepad / Haute Box

- Was not compensated for this post, just have a strange obsession with paper -

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  1. I stumbled across this company in a magazine and love the concept!