Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thank You

Today is Year Three of the Williams Family! It has been three years of firsts, joy, laughter and togetherness.

Am I gonna sit here and say it has been three years with no tears or troubles? No, we are all human and go through ups and downs every day (If someone says otherwise, they are totally fibbing). Has it been better with the Hubs by my side? Yes, in so many ways.

With all that, I want to say Thank You to my husband:

Thank you for listening to me rant about the smallest things
Thank you for always accompanying me to the mall, even though that is the last place you want to be
Thank you for always running to my rescue whether it be a bug or a bully
Thank you for picking up fresh flowers when you have to run by the store
Thank you for making my coffee each and every morning
Thank you for listening to my deepest thoughts

Thank you for being you and thank you for letting me be me

- Just a few of my favorites from the day: from watching the football score and bestest friends to cake in the face and impromptu dances -